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I'm a public-interest technologist and social entrepreneur who analyzes the dynamics of the intersecting worlds of tech, education, politics, social good, and culture.

I also write about lifestyle design and productivity.

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Why this blog is called "Out of the Box"

Two key reasons:

  1. I am allergic to being boxed in as this or that. And it frustrates me that we are enculturated to reflexively box others and even ourselves through reductive, constrictive labels. If we can unbox the conception we have of our own selves and of each other, and learn to appreciate our beauty and complexity, we'll be much better off as a species.
  2. The phrase "think outside the box" originates from the 9-dot problem, which reminds us that our thinking is shaped and constrained by the mental models through which we see the world. It's my belief that most of the problems that seem intractable are solvable if we evolve the way we think. As Albert Einstein once said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I wholeheartedly agree.