Six month checkpoint: 5 things I've learned in the real world

      Attitudes should be treated as skills that are cultivable through repetition.
      We tend to view repetition in the context of improving a first serve, memorizing principles of organic chemistry, and perfecting the dance move. It feels natural to practice task-oriented skills. But we don’t talk about how to be more passionate, more empathetic, more persistent and more of a thousand other attitudes. 

      We should.

      Cultivating an emotional state is no less rewarding than learning C++ or knitting a sweater, and the rewards have deep intrinsic value. One attitude I’ve focused on recently is being more present in my day-to-day. I’ve been working on notice the small things around me (e.g. the curious design of the Chelsea Market, the way the sun hits the New York skyline) and live more purposefully (e.g. I’m going to listen to this Mixergy podcast because I want to learn how entrepreneurs solve problems). Another attitude is being more grateful for what I have. Practicing a more appreciative mindset has helped me shed negative thinking and improve my overall well-being.