This is my advice after one year in the real world

Be ready.
Before you worry about going above and beyond, first make sure to approach your work with a good attitude and baseline readiness. Show up on time. Be present in meetings. Express openness to feedback and willingness to grow. Be a person of your word. Meet deadlines. Proof-read your emails. These rules are basic, but they set you apart, even at the highest levels.

Relish in life's unpredictable nature.
Instead of cowering away from the uncertainty, embrace the ambiguity and complexity of the world. Most of your peers are at least as confused as you. Putting yourself out there, showing up, and trying new things prepare you to confidently face the world. Date out of your comfort zone. Demo different CRMs. Hear out an opposing viewpoint. Send an email to someone you admire. Your life takes on infinite possibilities when you take initiative.

Six month checkpoint: 5 things I've learned in the real world

      Attitudes should be treated as skills that are cultivable through repetition.
      We tend to view repetition in the context of improving a first serve, memorizing principles of organic chemistry, and perfecting the dance move. It feels natural to practice task-oriented skills. But we don’t talk about how to be more passionate, more empathetic, more persistent and more of a thousand other attitudes. 

      We should.

      Cultivating an emotional state is no less rewarding than learning C++ or knitting a sweater, and the rewards have deep intrinsic value. One attitude I’ve focused on recently is being more present in my day-to-day. I’ve been working on notice the small things around me (e.g. the curious design of the Chelsea Market, the way the sun hits the New York skyline) and live more purposefully (e.g. I’m going to listen to this Mixergy podcast because I want to learn how entrepreneurs solve problems). Another attitude is being more grateful for what I have. Practicing a more appreciative mindset has helped me shed negative thinking and improve my overall well-being.

      Why Kendrick's latest masterpiece is the most important album of 2015

      For one reason or another, I woke up at 7 AM and was incapable of falling back asleep. 

      I decided to check out a song or two on the new Kendrick Lamar album. I really didn’t expect to listen to the entire thing. Then once more. And then one more time after that because there’s just SO. MUCH. THERE.

      And while I’m definitely not going to be happy later today about running on four hours of sleep, listening through To Pimp A Butterfly again and again this morning has been one of the most emotionally and intellectually stimulating experiences of my life. So exhilarating that for hours this morning, I sat at my computer jotting down notes on the messages and themes he explores, and tried to unpack it here.

      I actually haven’t read a single review of this album before listening to it and don’t plan to. In a world at a million crossroads that has taught us to grow jaded to the evil that plagues it, I’m confident that this will be the most important, relevant album of 2015, and I hope you'll listen through this masterpiece in its entirety at least once.

      Here's a link to the album on Spotify: