Step up your Spring Break music game with this sunny 50-track playlist (and a bonus playlist)

I've been obsessing over this blanket genre I consider "Sunshine House" for the last few months, and I'll go so far as saying my life has improved significantly after incorporating it into my daily music listening routine. Sunshine house is a pseudo-genre that hasn't picked up huge momentum yet in the States, but has been the center of the young people's attention in Western Europe for at least a couple of years.

Ask most American college-aged music addicts and they will likely have heard of Kygo, but only Kygo. I wanted to share with you the handful of other talented artists who are putting out some of the best feel-good music a. Given that it's Spring Break season, I've released a collection of the fifty best Sunshine House songs that have been put out in the last year. Hope it brings you awesome vibes!

I'll let the playlist speak for itself, but if you're curious which artists are defining the future of this pseudo-genre, here are Sunshine House's eight most influential producers right now: 




Not sure how many of you like ratchet trap music / put yourself in this situation, but if you're looking to go from an 8/10 to a solid 13 on the turn up scale, look no further. I've put together 69 of the most satisfyingly ear-numbing, energetic trap and electro bangers that will take your pregame to the next level, or your money back. It's funny because you didn't pay me anything.

Don't get in too much trouble this Spring Break.