This is my advice after one year in the real world

Be ready.
Before you worry about going above and beyond, first make sure to approach your work with a good attitude and baseline readiness. Show up on time. Be present in meetings. Express openness to feedback and willingness to grow. Be a person of your word. Meet deadlines. Proof-read your emails. These rules are basic, but they set you apart, even at the highest levels.

Relish in life's unpredictable nature.
Instead of cowering away from the uncertainty, embrace the ambiguity and complexity of the world. Most of your peers are at least as confused as you. Putting yourself out there, showing up, and trying new things prepare you to confidently face the world. Date out of your comfort zone. Demo different CRMs. Hear out an opposing viewpoint. Send an email to someone you admire. Your life takes on infinite possibilities when you take initiative.

Give more to get more.
Time. Money. Advice. Hugs. Smiles. Mentor someone who looks up to you. Donate a Saturday to help others. Take on an inexperienced yet motivated intern. The act of giving is not only immediately satisfying, it pays off tremendously in the long term with all your relationships. Your network (and net worth) grows as you earn a reputation as someone who serves and provides value to others. Business partners want to work with people who show a commitment to elevating their peers. Friends will go out of their way to help you succeed.

Achieve sanity by finding a productive balance of ambition and patience.
If your groundbreaking business idea will only fruit after years of labor, don’t jump ship just because you weren't handed overnight success. Insanely competitive people like entrepreneurs are addicts of achievement. But as much as they crave easy highs, the most successful exercise patience that enables them to survive the journey's inevitable lows.

Be real with yourself to preempt disappointment.
If you have an alcohol problem, avoid your friends that you rarely see sober. If you want to read more, cancel your Netflix subscription. If you are addicted to social media, delete those apps off your phone. If you want to get healthy but aren’t self-motivated, find a committed gym buddy. If you want to write more, lock in a time to isolate yourself from the world and write.

    - Gary